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Australasian Genealogical Congress
AGC1Bridging the Generations 4th Australasian Congress 1986Geoffrey Burkhardt & Peter Procter
AGC2Genealogical Congress Papers 1980Andrew G. Peake
AGC3Family History Congress Papers 1988
AGC4Our Heritage in History 6th Australasian Congress Launceston/Tasmania May 1991
AGC5Our Heritage in History 6th Australasian Congress Launceston/Tasmania May 1991
AGC6Our Heritage in History 6th Australasian Congress Launceston/Tasmania Supplement
AGC7The 1992 Genealogical Contact Reference
AGC8State Conference NSW Association of Family History 1997
AGC9State Conference NSW Association of Family History 1992
AGC10State Conference NSW Association of Family History 1982-3Micheal J. Burchall
AGC11Genealogical Congress Papers 3rd
AGC12State Conference NSW Association of Family History 1995
Archival Material
ARC1Convicts & Convict Administration Guide
ARC1aNSW State Archives
ARC2LMFHG Collection of Lake Macquarie Photographs
ARC3State Records NSW (Archives in Brief Sheets)
ARC4Australian Military Research
ARC5Australian War Memorial Fact Sheets
ARC6City of Sydney Archives
ARC7Family History Sources in the Hunter Region
ARC8National Library of Australia
ARC9State Library of NSW - What is available
ARC10National Archives of Australia - Advice Sheets
ARC11Writers Voice & OZ Words
ARC12Newcastle Region Library - Local Resources
ARC13State Rail Archive Series
ARC14Documenting a Nation the First Fifty Years
ARC15Unlocking the Past - Queensland State Library
ARC16Workers Compensation Silicosis Committee
ARC17National Archives of Australia - Fact Sheets
ARC18State Records NSW Aboriginal People
ARC19Records of the Land Title Office
ARC20West Sussex Record OfficePeter M. Wilkinson
ARC21State Archives of NSW - Supplement October 1976
ARC22 State Archives of NSW - Supplement October 1978
ARC23State Archives of NSW - Supplement October 1979
ARC24NSW State Archives relating to FederationState Records
ARC25Citizenship in Australia (A Guide to Commonwealth Government Records)David Dutton
ARC26The Boer War (Australians & the War in South Africa 1899-1902)Craig Wilcox)
ARC27Sound Recordings in the National ArchivesHelen Cross/Margaret Chambers
ARC28Near Neighbours (Records on Australia's Relations with Indonesia)Karl Metcalf
ARC29Royalty & Australian Society (Records relating to the British Monarchy Held in Canberra)Kate Cumming Dec 1998
ARC30Working for the Dole (Commonwealth Relief during the Great Depression)Don Fraser
ARC311901 and All That (A Federation Resource Kit)
ARC32Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (The Royal Commission & Its Records 1987-1991)Peter Nagle/Richard Summerrell
ARC33Australia in Focus (Photographs in the National Archives)Peter Nagle
ARC34A National Imagination (Australia's Copyright Records 1854-1968)Merilyn Minell
ARC35Federation (The Guide to Records)SG Foster/S Marsden/R Russell
ARC36Records of the Crown Lands Office 1842-1875 Queensland - Brisbane
ARC37Keep it for the Future (How to set up small community archives)National Archives of Australia
AUD1Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - Aboriginal Life
AUD2Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - Coal Mining
AUD3Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - Council History
AUD4Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - Commercial Development
AUD5Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - Fishing
AUD6Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - LM Municipal Council
AUD7Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - Sailing & Boating
AUD8Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - The Lake
AUD9Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - Transport
AUD10Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - The Depression
AUD11Lake Macquarie - The Way it Was - World War 11
AUD12The Human Face of Coal
BIO1Australian Biographical & Genealogical Record 1842-1899, Volume 1K.J.Cable & J.C.Marchant
BIO1aAustralian Biographical & Genealogical Record 1842-1899, Volume 2K.J.Cable & J.C.Marchant
BIO1bAustralian Biographical & Genealogical Record 1842-1899, Volume 3K.J.Cable & J.C.Marchant
BIO2Georgiana's Journal - Melbourne 1841-1865Hugh McCrae
BIO3Diary of a Welsh Swagman 1869-1894William Evans
BIO4Currency LassMargaret Reeson
BIO5Frith's - A Century of Service 1897-1997Dulcie Hartley
BIO6Biographical Register of Muswellbrook and District - Volume 1.RAH Society
BIO6ABiographical Register of Muswellbrook and District - Volume 2RAH Society
BIO7Is Your Ancestor Here? A Collection of Member's Short StoriesPSFHS
BIO8Forgiven But Not ForgottenJoyce Bradbury
BIO9Sheilas - A Tribute to Australian WomenJohn Lark & Bruce Howard
BIO10Early Life And Memories of Betty NicholsonBetty Nicholson
BIO11The Country Diary of an Edwardian LadyEdith Holden
BIO12A New Land - A New Life (For the Dann Brothers)Lillian Price
BIO13An Autobiography or Tales and Legends of Canberra PioneersSamuel Shumack
BIO14The Life of Eileen O'ConnorJohn Hosie
BIO15"They Ploughed the Fields and Scattered" - The Carter-Taylor Families 1855 - 1991F. King
BIO16My Family of ShepherdsUna Shepherd Rice
BIO17Robert J. Hawke - A Biography Blanche d'Alpuget
BIO18Ancestors of William Henry EadeJean Anne Horodecki
BIO19Ancestors of Elizabeth Atkinson Jean Anne Horodecki
BIO20Ancestors of William JacksonJean Anne Horodecki
BIO21Ancestors of Ethel May JollyJean Anne Horodecki
BIO22Makers of DistinctionThomas Girtin
BIO23Short StoriesWinsom Miller
BIO24Family Tree- Richard and Sarah (nee Nichols) Johns
BIO25Gum Trees & Gamma Pie - The Osland FamilyWendy S. Meradith
BIO26The Fagans, The Cottage and Kendall
BIO27A Surry Hills Childhood: 1870 (The Frances Lepherd Manuscript)
BIO28Always Something Interesting - Still More Aspects of History in Stithians III
BIO29A Campbell Family History - From the GoldfieldsEdward W. Northwood
BIO30Blue Mountains to Bridgetown - The Life and Journeys of Barrallier 1773-1853Andy Macqueen
BIO31Packhorse DroverBrice Simpson
BIO32Steele Rudd's AustraliaPeter Putnis
BIO33Pages of History - The Best of Telegraph Mirror 1945-1995
BIO34As I Remember Those Early Days Winsom Miller
BIO35Life Wasn't Meant to be EasyJohn Edwards
BIO36A Long Way from Silver Creek - A Family MemoirMargaret Gle
BIO37Good Wives? May, Fanny, Jenny and me, 1845-2001
BIO38The Real George Barrington?Sheila Box
BIO39StockmenVarious Authors
BIO40Crime on Her MindMichele B. Slung
BIO41Robert - A Bogg Family HistoryLorna Parr
BIO42The Petrie Family - Building Colonial BrisbaneDimity Dorman
BIO43aLyebird Series - Antartic Explorer
BIO43bLyrebird Series - Virus Hunter in Australia
BIO44Letters From LouisaJeanette Beaumont & W. Vere Hole
BIO45100 Famous Australians
BIO45a1000 Famous Australians (Summit Books)
BIO46The Glenfield StoryBill Leah
BIO47The Bonnel Family History
BIO48aFive Local Families - Armitage-Boyd
BIO48bFive Local Families - Deaves-Freeman-Taaffe
BIO49Stems and Branches of the Starkey TreeFay Fry
BIO50Parsons Family History
BIO51Dunn and Aspery 1792-1913Cecily Ryan & Gillian Kimball
BIO52Daisy BatesElizabeth Salter
BIO53Memories of Swansea
BIO54A Step Back in Time - A Journey with Frank McCarthyVictoria Westwood
BIO55Maconochie's ExperimentJohn Clay
BIO56Kate Weindorfer - The Woman Behind the Man and the MountainSally Schnackenberg
BIO57A Family on the ShannonShirley McGlynin
BIO58Brilliant Dan Demeby - A Forgotten GeniusCyril Pearl
BIO59On Expedition with Sir Thomas L. Mitchell - Journal of G. B. White, Surveyor from Nov. 16,1831 to Mar. 14,1832
BIO60The Watkins ChronicleFay Fry
BIO61Cavanough ConnectionsJill & Don Mills
BIO62Martin of Martin PlaceElena Grainger
BIO63Mobbs Muster - Descendents of William & Ann MobbBeryl Mobbs Lewis & Alan C. Lemon
BIO65Australian Painting - Studio Series - Colonial Painters 1788-1880 James Gleeson
BIO65aHer Story - Women in Western Australia History
BIO66Wild Men of SydneyCyril Pearl
BIO66aSt.Mary's Historical Society-Sarah Maria Suttor-Farmer George's WifeEugenie Stapleton
BIO67A Land of Plenty - Celebrating 150 Years of the Atkins Family in Australia
BIO67aLife, Laughter & Lodgers in 1930-Australia Muma's Boarding HouseShirley Ball
BIO68The Secrets of Alexander HarrisGeoffrey C. Ingleton
BIO68aAn Energetic ColonistHenry E. Holt
BIO69The Life & Times of a Colonial Woman-Mary Braidwood MowlePatricia Clarke
BIO69aThe Life & Times of H.J.Windsor & his Family - A Treasury of MemoriesClem Windsor
BIO70Half a Thousand Acres - Balmain - A History of the Land GrantPeter L. Reynolds & Paul V. Floatman
BIO71The Johnson Family TreeRoss Wilson
BIO72A Woman of DistinctionWaveney Browne
BIO73Captain Henry Newton from Assistant Pilot to Superintendent of Navigation at Newcastle (1873-1906)
BIO74An Irresistable TemptationCarol Baxter
BIO75The Heroic Journey of John McDouall StuartIan Muclie
BIO76The First 150 yrs Australia 1836-1986-The History of the Haning Murrays from RoxburghshireJanet McNaught
BIO77They came from Somerset-The Story of Stephen & Emma Harris & their descendantsJune Elliot
BIO78S'Pose I Die - The Story of Evelyn MaunsellHector Holthouse
BIO79Sons in the Saddle (A Sequel to Kings in Grass Castles)Mary Durack
BIO80Where Fate Beckons - The Life of Jean-Francoise De La PerouseJohn Dunmore
BIO81No Ordinary ChildhoodBarbara Corbett
BIO82The Warner Family of Australia 1786-2008, The Story of Lieutenant Jonathan Warner & his Family
BIO83A Personal Collection of Genealogical Records
BIO84The Landed Gentry & Aristocracy of County Wicklow Volume 1Turtle Bunbury
BIO85The Diary of Samuel Sewall 1674-1729 Volumes 1 & 2Farrar,Straus & Giroux
BIO86A Biography of Marie Kramer Ellis - Belated ApplauseJ. Ellis & J. Clarke
BIO87Moy Families in AustraliaBrian F. Archer
BIO88John Want - Footsteps Towards Freedom - 1828-1952Richard Want
BIO89Mulbring & The Andrews FamilyB.J. Andrews
BIO90John Leadbeater (Thomas Cosier) Ship AlbemarleMerrilyn Minter
BIO91The Hidden Thread - Huguenot FamiliesRobert Nash
BIO92Joyce's DublinRosanna Negrotti
BIO93The Edge of TimeDorothy Hulme-Moir
BIO94The Finnish LineColin & Veronica Dahl
BIO95The Walkers of YarallaPatrick Skehan
BIO96Cambridge to Botany BayA.E. Clark-Kennedy
BIO97A Biographical Register 1788-1939 Volume 1Gibbney & Smith
BIO97aA Biographical Register 1788-1939 Volume 2Gibbney & Smith
BIO97bAustralian Biographical & Genealogical Record Series 1 (1788-1841)
BIO98Harvesting the Hastings - Farming FamiliesPort Macquarie & Dist.FHS
BIO99Prisoners in Paradise - Olivia Gascoigne & Nathaniel Lucas - Norfolk IslandTrevor M. Lagstrom
BIO100Never a Dull Moment "The Story of Lin Hurt"Beth Adey
BIO101Summing Up - John Harold McCracken (1906-1999)Heather & Paul Shelley
BIO102Annabella Boswell's - Life in the 1830's & 1840'sRonald Howell
BIO103The Letter of Rachel Henning (1853-1882)Dale Spender
BIO104Dating Family Photos 1850-1920Lenore Frost
BIO105Annie Asser's DiaryA.M. Entwisle
BIO106The Corruna Connection: Lt.Col Kenneth SnodgrassMoira Saunderson
BIO107Lieut. Charles A.F.N.Menzies R.N. (First Commandant at Newcastle, NSW)Raymond Terrace FHS
BIO108Our Italian Heritage 1880-1980H.T.DeStefani/S.M.Craven
BIO109The Diary of Joseph SamsSimon Braydon/Robert Songhurst
BIO110The Overflow of Clancy (Thomas & Anne Clancy & their descendants)Eric Gerald Clancy
BIO111Footnote People in Australian HistoryAnn Atkinson
BIO112Seventy Years in Toowoomba (Brush, Camera & Memories)Don Featherstone
BIO113Australia's Last Exolorer - Ernest GilesGeoffrey Dutton
BIO114The Adventurous Memoirs of a Gold Diggeress (Mary Ann Tylee 1841-1909 - nee Brooksbank)Kate Gibbs
BIO115Dictionary of World BiographyBarry Jones
BIO116Sir Joseph BanksCharles Lyte
BIO117aGeorge Boyle White of the Hunter Valley Volume 1Dalton - McCarthy - Tracey
BIO117bGeorge Boyle White of the Hunter Valley Volume 2Dalton - McCarthy - Tracey
BIO117cGeorge Boyle White of the Hunter Valley (Additional Book)Dalton - McCarthy - Tracey
BIO118The Adventures of Joseph Holt - 13 years in NSW 1800-1812Peter O'Shaughnessy
BIO119A Migrant with a Mission Benjamin Short 1833-1912 Wilsie Short
BIO120The Knodler Family History & Register 1612-1995Gregory J.E. Knodler
BIO121Hannah the Complete StoryBarry Cockcroft
BIO122The Wills-Cook Family 1850-1979Clarrie Cook
BIO123Cook Family History 1862-1976Clarrie Cook
BIO124The Life & Death of Harold HoltTom Frame
BIO125A Crossing from Banbury (The First Four Generations of the Mascord Family in Australia)Joad Margaret Adams
BIO126The Lone Lane (The History of a Devon Family)Mark Boutcher Quance
BIO127The Maroneys of Bulla Creek (Jerrybang)Ross Maroney
BIO128One Man's FamilyStan Arneil
BIO12970 years of my Life's ExperienceHenry Collins
BIO130The Nivisons of New England (An Australian Clan)J. Oppenheimer & B Mitchell
BIO131Charles Munt & His Family (A Lad from White Hart Lane)Lois Carrington
BIO132A History of the Chirnside Family (Wool Past the Winning Post)Heather B. Ronald
BIO133A Folk History of the Upper Manning (Cooplacurripa - Tiri - Tigrah)S. Sampson & M. Smith
BIO134Three Score Years & Ten (Thomas Family)Stan Thomas
BIO135The Mannings' Way of LifeMarion Lofthouse
BIO136The Diary of Etienne Bordier 1849-1851 (A Swiss Settler in Australia)K. Dutton & Denis Rowe
BIO137The Story of Martin & Mary Rien & Their Family (The Rien Journey from the Zig Zag Railway)Marea Moxey
BIO138A Family Tree with a Difference Gertrude Kelly
BIO139A Leggett Family Album (From Ballymore to Buchanan & BeyondB. Brown & D. Brooks
BIO140Municipality of Ku-ring-gai Official JournalKu-ring-gai Historical Society
BIO141The Forgotten World of State Wards South Australia 1887-1940Margaret Barbalet
BIO142The O'Donovans from Modeligo County WaterfordRev. J. O'Donovan S.T.L
BIO143Family Connexions Vol.3-Part1 The Rogue Of Rogans HillK M Lynch
BIO144Listen To What They Say Voices of Twentieth Century Beechworth (2006)Jennifer Williams
BIO145David Syme A Life (1965)C.E.Sayers
BIO146Cornstalks A Genealogy (The children of Matthew James Everingham) (1980)Valerie Ross
BUS1Tell ' em I Died Game - The Stark Story of Australian BushrangingBill Wannan
BUS2Bail Up!Geoff Hocking
BUS3An Illustrated History of Australian BushrangersGeorge Boxall
BUS4A History of Ben Hall
BUS5Captain Moonlite - BushrangerG. Calderwood
BUS6Recollections of a Victorian PoliceofficerJohn Sadleir
BUS7Tracking Down the BushrangersPeter C. Smith
BUS8History of Australian Bushranging - Volume 1Charles White
BUS9History of Australian Bushranging - Volume 2Charles White
BUS10The BushrangersWilliam Joy & Tom Prior
BUS11A Pictorial History of BushrangersPaul Hamlyn
BUS12Ned Kelly Man and MythColin Cave
BUS13Ned Kelly A Short LifeIan Jones
BUS14Bushrangers 1860-1901Malcolm & Ella Denton
BUS15Ben Hall CountryGreg Powell
CAT1Microfiche Catalogue - July 1994
CAT2Gould Books - Genealogy & Local History - Catalogue 14 1998-99
CAT3Gould Books - Genealogy & Local History - Catalogue 2002-2003
CAT4Newcastle Family History Society Inc, "Catalogue Publications
CEM1Monumental Inscriptions Index - Anna Bay, Birubi Point, Nelson BayPort Stephens FHS 1999
CEM2Belmont Cemetery - An Index to Memorials
CEM3Emu Plains - St. Pauls CemeteryNepean FHS
CEM4Cemeteries in Australia - Register of TranscriptsKillion & Garnsey
CEM5Liverpool General Cemetery Volume 1 Anglican Section 1894-1955
CEM6Liverpool General Cemetery Volume 2 Anglican Section 1894-1955
CEM7Liverpool General Cemetery Volume 2 Anglican Section Index
CEM8Liverpool General Cemetery Volume 3 Baptist & Presbyterian Sections 1894-1992
CEM9Liverpool General Cemetery Volume 4 Presbyterian Crypts & Columbarium 1894-1922
CEM10Liverpool General Cemetery Volume 5 Part 1 - Catholic Section 1894-1992
CEM11Liverpool General Cemetery Volume 6 Part 2 Catholic Section 1894-1992
CEM12Newcastle - Bits & Pieces 1994Newcastle FHS 1994
CEM13Newcastle West - Presbyterian Burial Ground 1844-1881Newcastle FHS 1999
CEM14Newcastle West - Wesleyan Methodist Burial Ground 1858-1881Newcastle FHS 1999
CEM15Newcastle West - Roman Catholic Burial Ground 1842-1881Newcastle FHS 1999
CEM16Parramatta Methodist Cemetery - Burials December 1841 - June 1946LMFHG
CEM17Penrith - General Transcript & BurialNepean FHS
CEM18Point Clare Cemetery IndexCentral Coast FHS
CEM19Raymond Terrace Pioneer CemeteryRaymond Terrace FHS
CEM20Small Cemeteries of the Hunter Valley - 1997Newcastle FHS
CEM21Metcalf Street, Wallsend - St. Lukes Anglican ColumbariumPhillip Everson 1985
CEM22Sandgate Road, Wallsend - Methodist New Section Area 1 & 2
CEM23Wallsend Cemetery - Church of England
CEM24Wallsend Cemetery - Baptist & Congregational
CEM25Wallsend Cemetery - Roman Catholic & Presbyterian
CEM26West Wallsend Cemetery - Gravestone Inscriptions in the Lower Hunter Valley NSW - Volume 1Newcastle FHS 1993
CEM27Sydney Burial Ground 1819-1901K.A.Johnson/M.R.Sainty
CEM28Tumut District - Small Cemeteries & Isolated GravesV.Wilkinson/M.Pebesma
CEM29The Last Word in Memoriam - Tombstone Wit and WisdomNicola Gillies
CEM30Bradys Gully Cemetery - Official Opening - Sunday 1st June 1997
CEM31Big Hill - A Tribute to the Pioneers Interred in Teralba & Dist. Cemeteries
CEM32St. Barnabus & Yarramalong Cemeteries - Wyong Shire
CEM33Noraville Cemetery - Wyong Shire NSW
CEM34Jilliby Cemetery - Wyong Shire NSW
CEM35Ronkama Cemetery - Wyong Shire NSW
CEM36Whitebridge Cemetery-'Gateway to the Past' including the Dudley Colliery Explosion of 1898LMFHG
CEM37Colonial Era Cemetery of Norfolk IslandRichard Dalkin
CEM38Notes on the Recording of Monumental InscriptionsL. Rayment
CEM39Cowra Cemetery Transcriptions Volume 3 Unmarked Burials to 1940
CEM40Hay Cemetery - Among the Pioneers a Guide to Rambles
CEM41Wollombi Cemetery - Grave Listing
CEM42Braidwood Cemetery - Monument Inscriptions
CEM43Minmi Cemetery 1859-2003 - A Private Cemetery
CEM44A Colonial Church, Ebenezer, NSW
CEM44aThe History of EbenezerRev. George Reid
CEM45Australian Capital Territory & Jarvis Bay - Inscriptions
CEM46History Trail of the Renmark Cemetery
CEM47Stockton Cemetery - 1890-2005
CEM48Old Sydney Burial Ground
CEM49The Callcott Collection-Dalrymple Shire
CEM50Ravenswood Cemetery
CEM51Katoomba - Wood Coffill Burial 1916-1945 Volume 1BMFHS
CEM52Katoomba - Wood Coffill Burial 1946-1967 Volume 2BMFHS
CEM53Boorowa Cemetery - CowraCowra FHS 1996
CEM54Nowra General Cemetery Volume 1 Book 1
CEM55Nowra General Cemetery Volume 1 Book 2
CEM56Jamberoo Cemeteries NSW
CEM57Kiama General Cemetery NSW
CEM58Rouse Hill Cemetery - Mile End Road
CEM59Coorangong NSW - Cemetery Survey
CEM60Where Pioneers Sleep - Hexham (Tarro) CemeteryNcle Herald
CEM61Where Pioneers Sleep - Newcastle Cathedral Cemetery Part 1Ncle Herald
CEM62Mudgee General Cemetery Volume 3 (Anglican Section)Nepean FHS
CEM63Burials in Young Shire & Surrounding AreasYoung & Dist.FHG
CEM64Glen Innes District Cemeteries
CEM65Glen Innes Cemetery Records 2nd Edition
CEM66The Sleeping City (The Story of Rookwood Necropolis)Society of Aust.Genealogists
CEM67St.Patrick's & St.Brigid's Cemetery (150th Commemoration)Francis Dunn & Ass.
CEM67aA History of St.Patrick's & St.Brigid's Church & CemeteryFrancis Dunn & Ass.
CEM68Monumental Inscriptions & Burials - Gundagai Cemeteries 1846-2010Genealogy Society Canberra
CEM69Elsey Cemetery (Northern Territory)
CEM70St.Peter's Old Burial Ground - East MaitlandJames Waddell
CEM71Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery Inscriptions Lawn Roman Catholic 1965-1997 Volume 1 Part 2Darling Downs FHS
CEM72Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery Inscriptions Lawn Protestant Section Volume 1 Part 1Darling Downs FHS
CEM73Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery Inscriptions Old Church of England Volume 2 Part 1Darling Downs FHS
CEM74Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery Inscriptions Old Roman Catholic Volume 2 Part 2Darling Downs FHS
CEM75Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery Inscriptions Old C of E Blocks 1-24 C of E Sections 1 & 2Darling Downs FHS
CEM76Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery Inscriptions Public Burials 1882 - 1997 Volume 3Darling Downs FHS
CEM77Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions Lutheran Sections Darling Downs FHS
CEM78Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions Old Methodist Section 1 & 2-5Darling Downs FHS
CEM79Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions Presbyterian Sections 1-6Darling Downs FHS
CEM80St.Mary Magdalene Church of England - Monumental InscriptionsNepean FHS
CEM81Rylstone Cemetery InscriptionsNepean FHS
CEM82Cemetery Inscriptions - Mulgoa, Rossmore, Denham CourtNepean FHS
CEM83Cemetery Inscriptions - Castlereagh Anglican & Methodist & McCarthy's LaneNepean FHS
CEM84Cemetery Inscriptions - St.Bartholomews C of E - ProspectNepean FHS
CEM85Cemetery Inscriptions - Churchyard of St.Stephens - PenrithNepean FHS
CEM86Cemetery Inscriptions - Badgerys Creek, Greendale, Luddenham, Regentville & South PenrithNepean FHS
CEM87Historic Graves in the Drayton & Toowoomba CemeteryJohn Clements
CEM88Monumental Inscriptions Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery (Anglican & Catholic Sections)Phillip Carter
CEM89Index to Warwick Burial Registers (Up to 1928)Julie Dern
CEM90Index to Dalby Burial RegistersJulie Dern
CEM91Greenmount Cemetery Queensland
CEM92Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions Old Roman Catholic Section 1 & 2Darling Downs FHS
CEM93Old Dalby Cemetery Monumental InscriptionsDavid & Julie Dern
CEM94Narrabri on the Namoi (Old Back Burials in North Western NSW)Central Coast FHS
CEM95Dungog General Cemetery Volume 2J. Jones(Central Coast FHS)
CEM96Where Pioneers Sleep - Old Wallsend Cemetery Part 1 1865-1896Coalfield Heritage Group
CEM97Where Pioneers Sleep - Old Wallsend Cemetery Part 2 1865-1896Coalfield Heritage Group
CEM98Carcoar Cemetery Cowra FHS
CEM99Finding Our Ancestors (Kendall Cemetery)Camden Haven H>S>
CEM100R.M. Evans & Sons (Funeral Directors Records Index 1926-1991)LMFHG
CEM101Wyong Shire Gravediggers BookA.V.McKenzie & son Clive
CEM102Burials - The Redbank Uniting Church - (Formerly Wesleyan Chapel - Picton 2004Barry Saxton
CEM103Pre 1855 Gravestone Insciptions on SpeysideAlison Mitchell
CEM104Pre 1855 Gravestone Inscriptions in Angus - Volume 1 - StrathmoreAlison Mitchell
CEM105100 Lives of Bourke A cemetery interpretation bookBourke Shire Council
CEM106The Parramatta Cemeteries St. John's (1991)Judith Dunn, Parra. & Dist. Hist. S.
CEM107Under The Shadow Of A Mountain The Story of West Wallsend Cemetery (1st Edition 2003)Anne Andrews & Sue Baldwin
CHC1Living Stones - Convent of Sacred Heart, Rose Bay 1882-1982
CHC2Rise and Progress of the Yass Mission, NSWMorgan O'Connor
CHC3 St. Matthews Church of England - Parish Registers 1810 - 1856LMFHG
CHC3aSt. Matthews Church of England - Parish Registers 1857 1900LMFHG
CHC3bSt. Matthews Church of England - Parish Registers 1901 - 1950LMFHG
CHC3cSt. Matthews Church of England - Baptisms & Burials 1951 - 2000LMFHG
CHC3dSt. Matthews Church of England - Marriages 1951 - 2000LMFHG
CHC4Sacred Places - Sisters of Mercy Singleton Est. 1875
CHC5Wollombi District Church of England Baptisms 1856 to 1905Cessnock Dist.FHS
CHC6St. Simons - Castle Hill and St. Judes - Dural 1841 - 1913Lake Macquarie FHS
CHC7Christ Church Cathedral - The Vision SplendidJoan Murray
CHC8What to Look for in an Old Church
CHC9Wollombi District Anglican Marriages 1856 to 1900Cessnock Dist.FHS
CHC10Newcastle Christ Church Cathedral - Parish Registers
CHC11All Saints Church of England - Ainslie Canberra
CHC12From the Mountains to the Sea - A History of the Catholic Church on the Central Coast 1838-1998Christine E. Bowry
CHC13Country Churches of England, Scotland and Wales - A Guide and a GazetteerGeoffrey Young
CHC14Stirling East Church of Christ
CHC15Church of St. John the Baptist - Parish of Buckland, Tasmania
CHC16Salvo! The Salvation Army in the 1990'sJohn Cleary
CHC17Rev. Alfred Glennie's Journal 1863-1870
CHC18With Hearts and Hands and VoicesMichael Sternbeck
CHC19The Christ of the Narrow WayEllen G. White
CHC20Charlestown Eastlakes Presbyterian Church
CHC21St.Stephen's Presbyterian Church Swansea
CHC22"Veneered Infidelity"S.R.Goldstone
CHC23The History of St.John's Parramatta, The Cradle Church of Australia-Part 1 to the year 1910Rev.Canon Arrowsmith
CHC23aSt. John's Parramatta (1988)St. John's Parr. Committee
CHC24St. Paul's Cobbity - Parish of Narellan 1827-1992
CHC25The History of St. Jude's - Dural
CHC26The History of the Anglican Parish Woy WoyJoyce Davis
CHC27St. Oswald's Church - Ashbourne UK
CHC28Christ Church, Newcastle, NSW 1804 - 1900NFHS
CHC29St.Luke's Uniting Church. BelmontPeggy Harman
CHC30History of St.Paul's Church PatersonPauline M. Clements
CHC30aHistory of St. Paul's Church Paterson (Revised)Pauline M. Clements
CHC31The Acorns of Methodism in Port Macquarie
CHC32Toowoomba Chronicle Indexes BDM & Anniversaries 1989-1994Darling Downs FHS
CHC33Toowoomba Chronicle Indexes BDM & Anniversaries 1989-1994 A-KDarling Downs FHS
CHC34Toowoomba Chronicle Indexes BDM & Anniversaries 1989-1994 K-ZDarling Downs FHS
CHC35Baptism Registers 1841-1913 (St.Simons-Castle Hill/St.Judes-Dural)LMFHG
CHC36Messish Baptist Chapel, Cinderbank, Netherton 1654-1798
CHC37Christ Church, Oldbury Wores 1714-1812
CHC38The Chapelry of St.Michael & All Anglels, Little Witley, Worcestershire 1680-1846Worcestershire
CHC39The Church of St.Mary, Old Swinford 1754-1780Worcestershire
CHC40The Church of St.Mary, Old Swinford 1736-1768Worcestershire
CHC41The Church of St.Mary, Old Swinford 1768-1800Worcestershire
CHC42The Church of St.Mary, Old Swinford 1780-1813Worcestershire
CHC43The Church of St.John the Baptist, Hales Owen 1736-1761Worcestershire
CHC44The Church of St.Mary, Kingswinford, Staffordshire 1704-1724Staffordshire
CHC45The Church of St.Editha, Church Eaton 1538-1812Staffordshire
CHC46The Church of St.John the Evangelist, Hanley, Staffs
CHC47Historical Record of the Central Coast NSW (Rev. Alfred Glennie Journals 1855-60)Gosford Dist.Local History
CHC48St.John's Anglican Church Newcastle NSW AustraliaNFHS
CHC49Church of St.Thomas Port Macquarie 1824-1876Port Macquarie & Dist.FHS
CHC50St.Stephens Church Kurrajong Parish Registers 1861-1902Kurrajong-Comleroy H.S.
CHC50aSt.Stephens Church Kurrajong Parish Registers Vol.2 1903-1936Kurrajong-Comleroy H.S.
CHC51A History of St. Paul's Church - MaitlandB.A. Parsons
CHC52The Church of Saint David - Teralba - 90th Anniversary 1915-2005 - Cockle Bay Anglican CommunityFather Wayne Sheean
CHC53The Lay Methodist Church (Journal of the Uniting Church Historical Society)Eric G. Clancy
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IMM3Log of Logs, Volume 3I. H. Nicholson
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IMM16The Ship - The Century Before Steam National MaritimeMuseum
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IMM52Serving A Sea-Girt Land Some Early Maritime HistoryRaymond A. Bradfield
INA1The Rock & the SandMary Durack
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INA3The Mountains Call Me Back
INA4No Man's LandBarbara James
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IND5BHP 75 Years
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JNL39Orange Family History Group Inc. Journal
JNL40Links 'N' Chains Liverpool Society Inc.
JNL41Voices from the Past - Inverell District FHG
JNL42Inverell E-History - Inverell HS
JNL43Kith & Kin - Cape Banks FHS (Maroubra - Botany Bay)
JNL44Ballarat Link - Ballarat & District GS
JNL45The Argyle Bulletin - Goulburn & District H & FHS
JNL46Tomaree Family Group Nelson Bay Newsletter
JNL47The Endeavour - Botany Bay FHS
JNL48Lachlan Valley Gold - Forbes FHG
JNL49Khanterintee - Kiama FHG
JNL50Ghostbuster - Campbelltown District FHS
JNL51Kintracer - Sunshine Coast Historical
JNL52Australian Celtic Journal
JNL53Eagle Eye - Cowra FHG
JNL54Queensland Family Historian - Queensland FHS
JNL55Client Focus - Australian Archives
JNL56Sussex Family Historian - Sussex FHG
JNL57The Other Clare - Ireland
JNL58Essex Family Historian - Essex - Chelmsford UK
JNL59Glasgow & West of Scotland FHS
JNL60Cambridgeshire Family History Society
JNL61Suffolk Roots -England
JNL62Kent Family History Society Journal - England
JNL63Family History New & Digest(Swindon,Wiltshire-England)Federation FHS
JNL64North Easterner Cleveland Co. Durham Northumberland Tyne
JNL65The Cornwall Family History Society
JNL66Glamorgan Family History Society
JNL67Past Forward - The Newsletter of Wigan Heritage Service
JNL68The Banyan Tree - East Yorkshire FHS
JNL69Renfrewshire Family History Society Journal
JNL70Wiltshire Family History Society - England
JNL71The Devon Family Historian - England
JNL72Dumfries & Galloway FHS Newsletter
JNL73Metropolitan - London Westminister & Middlesex
JNL74Gloucestershire Family History Society Journal
JNL75Roscommon Historical & Archaeological Society - Ireland
JNL76Cardiganshire Family History Society Journal - England
JNL77Ancestor - Journal of the Genealogical Society of Victoria
JNL78The South Australian Genealogist
JNL79Footprints - Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission
JNL80The New Zealand Genealogist
JNL81Journal of Royal Australian Historical Society
JNL82Archeion - NSW State Archives
JNL83Tumblebee - Coalfields Heritage Group
JNL84Trickles from the Castlereagh - Coonamble FHS
JNL85Ances-Tree (Burwood & Dist.FHG
JNL86Liverpool Family Historian (Journal of Liverpool & Lancashire FHS England)
JNL87Valley of Rivers - Taree FH
JNL88Founders & Survivors Chainletter - Tri-annual newsletter
JNL89The First Settlement City Gazette - Redcliffe & Dist. F.H.G
JNL90Crookwell & District Historical Society
JNL91Ferguson FocusFriends of Ferguson Library
JNL92Illawarra Family History GroupIllawarra FHG
JNL93Aberdeen & North East Scotland Family History Society
JNL94Genie Allergy - Coffs HarbourCoffs Harbour Dist. FHS
JNL95Midwest AncestryWA Geraldton FHS
JNL96History Detective
JNL97Stockton Historical Society Inc.
JNL98Parramatta Female Factory Friends
JNL99Gwyder Family History - Moree
JNL100Monumentally Speaking - National Boer War Memorial Ass. Newsletter NSW.SA.WA.ACTDavid Deasey
JNL101Federation of Australian Historical Societies Inc.
JNL102Hill End & Tambaroora Gathering Group
JNL103Family Ties - Colo Shire Colo Shire FHG
JNL104Footsteps Port Macquarie & Districts Family History Society inc.PM & D FHS
JUD1Index to the Governor's Court, An Early Civil Court in NSW Part 1 - Cases Heard 1814-1824Shirley Doolan
JUD2The Story of Pentridge Goal from 1850-1900 (50 Years Hard)
JUD3Coroner's Records in England and Wales
JUD4Census & Musters Australia & British IslesJanet Reakes
JUD5How to Use the Census Returns to Find Your London Family 1841-1891Laurie Styles
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JUD7Probate Jurisdictions: Where to Look for WillsJeremy Gibson
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JUD12Dougal's Index Register to Next of Kin Heirs at Law & Cases of Unclaimed Money Advertisements 1896
JUD13Dougal's Index Register to Next of Kin Heirs at Law & Cases of Unclaimed Money Advertisements 1898
JUD14Dougal's Index Register to Next of Kin Heits at Law & Cases of Unclaimed Money Advertisements 1906
JUD15From Places Now ForgottenMarie Jones
JUD16The Murder of Nellie DuffyStephanie Bennett
JUD17The Australian Constitution
JUD18Historical Records Central Coast - Bench Books & Court Cases 1826-74
JUD19Historical Records Central Coast - The Brisbane Water Case 1837-8
JUD20Historical Records Central Coast - 1901
JUD21Bench of Magistrates Port Stephens May-December 1832 (Convicts,IndentedService&Staff A.A.Co.
JUD22Historical Records of the Central Coast - Deposition Book 1
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JUD24Death in the Hunter - Inquest in the Maitland Area 1834-1942 The NamesMaitland FHS
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JUD26Censuses & Musters
JUD27General Musters of NSW, Norfolk Island & Van Diemen's Land - 1811Carol J. Baxter
Land Titles Office
LTO1A History of the Land Titles Office of NSW - "From Parchments to Passwords"R. Crudwell & H. Golder
LTO2Index & Guide to Landholders with Stock in NSW in Year 1885
LTO3Property Names in NSW in the 1800
LTO4Land Research for Family Historians in Australia & New ZealandCarole Riley
MAG1Afloat - The Spirit of Australia's Waterways
MAG2Memento - National Archives of Australia
MAG3Practical Family History Magazine - UK
MAG4Family History Monthly - England
MAG5The Scots Link-The Scottish FH Magazine-Australia & NZ
MAG6The Irish Link - Australia & NZ - Magazine
MAG8Irish Roots
MAG9In Britain
MAG11 Australian Family Tree Connections
MAG12Cockle Creek News - Sulphider News - Pasminco C/C - Outlook
MAG13Common Cause
MAG14The NSW Freemasons
MAG15New Zealand Freemason
MAG16The Scots Magazine
MAG17History Magazine - Royal Australian Historical Society
MAG18Scots - Scottish Heritage
MAG20Your Family Tree
MAG21The Genealogist - Australian Institute of Genealogical Society
MAP1Reader's Digest - Guide to Places of the World
MAP2The Western European City - A Geographical InterpretationR.E.Dickinson M.A.P.D
MAP3Munster Province-Irish County Maps Showing Locations of Churches
MAP4Exploring the Hunter Region - A Heritage Field GuideJ.K.Donald,M.E.Hungerford
MAP5Motoring Atlas Britain - RAC 1992
MAP6Germany - Travel Guide
MAP7The Visitor's Map of IrelandJohnston & Bacon
MAP8Map of Ireland
MAP9Ordnance Survey - Brighton & Chichester
MAP10Ordnance Survey - Hastings
MAP11England & Wales Touring Map
MAP12British Isles Motoring Map
MAP13London Plan
MAP14Irish Touring Guide
MAP15Map of Dublin - Index to Streets
MAP16The Atlas of Australian HistoryPeter Taylor
MAP17Great Lakes & Manning Valley Taree Regions
MAP18Scone Shire Historical Map
MAP19Norfolk Island Visitor Map
MAP20Ancient Parishes of Cornwall UK
MAP21Cobb & Co. NSW Heritage Trail - Map
MAP22The Western Isles - Scotland
MAP23The Parish Map - King County in New South Wales
Member's Interests
MBI1Newcastle FHS Members DirectoryNewcastle FHS
MBI2Manning Wallamba FHS Members Interests
MBI3Parramatta FHG Members Interests
MBI4Port Stephens FHS Members Interests
MBI5Liverpool Genealogical Society Members Interests
MBI6Tamworth & District FHG Members Interests
MBI7Inverell District FHG Members Interests
MBI8Shoalhaven FHS Members Interests
MBI9Cape Banks FHS Members Research Directory 1995
MBI10Cambridgeshire FHS Members Interests
MBI11Central Coast FHG Members Interests
MBI12Kiama FH Resource Group
MBI13Wagga Wagga & District FHS Members Interests
MBI14Goulburn District FHS Members Interests
MBI15Camden Area FHS Members Interests
MBI16Lake Macquarie FHG Members Interests
MBI17Parkes & District Historical Society Members Interests Directory 1989
MEM1War Memorials of Newcastle & Lake Macquarie NSW Volume 1Newcastle FHS
MEM2War Memorials of Newcastle & Lake Macquarie NSW Volume 2Newcastle FHS
MEM3Anzac Memorial Cloth - Alphabetical Listing of Names
MEM4Monuments, Memorials & Plaques in the Hawkesbury ShireHawkesbury Historical Society
MEM5Monuments and Memorials (The Royal Australian Historical Society)Beryl Henderson
Archives Office of NSW
Colonial Secretary: Returns of the Colony (Blue Books) (Fiche No.4/251)1822
Colonial Secretary: Returns of the Colony (Blue Books) (Fiche No.4/252)1823
Colonial Secretary: Returns of the Colony (Blue Books) No.Numb 1824
Colonial Secretary: Returns of the Colony (Blue Books) Fiche No. 4/253-290)1825-1857
Colonial Secretary: Memorials (Fiche No. 3001-3010)1810
Colonial Secretary: Memorials (Fiche No. 3011-3012)1813-1819
Colonial Secretary: Memorials (Fiche No. 3013-3034)1820
Colonial Secretary: Memorials (Fiche No. 3035-3049)1821-1822
Colonial Secretary: Memorials (Fiche No. 3146-3162)1825
Colonial Secretary: Petitions (Fiche No. 3163-3171)1810-1812
Colonial Secretary: Petitions (Fiche No. 3172-3173)1813-1816
Colonial Secretary: Petitions (Fiche No. 3174-3193)1817-1819
Colonial Secretary: Petitions (Fiche No. 3194-3253)1819-1825
Colonial Secretary: Lists of Memorials, Letters etc. (Fiche No. 3254-3259)1822-1824
Colonial Secretary: Miscellaneous Records re Land Grants, Leases etc (Fiche3260-3270)1788-1825
Colonial Secretary: Logs, Diaries and Journals of Exploration (Fiche No.3271-3278)1802-1823
Colonial Secretary: Misc. Records re Immigration, Shipping & Trade (Fiche No. 3279-3284)1810-1823
Colonial Secretary: Misc. Records re Convicts, Criminal & Legal Matters (Fiche No.3285-3299)1787-1825
Colonial Secretary: Misc. Records re Public Service & Adminstration (Fiche No.3300-3305)1810-1825
Colonial Secretary: Misc. Records Relating to Education & Clerical Matters (Fiche No.3306-3308)1822-1825
Colonial Secretary: Misc. Special Bundles (Fiche No. 3309-3312)1822-1825
Australasian Genealogical Computer Index
A - Cum (Fiche No. 1-15 No. 14 Missing)
Cu-Hey (Fiche No. 16-30)
Hey-Mar (Fiche No. 31-45)
Mar-Sch (Fiche No. 46-60)
Sch-Z (Fiche No. 61-74)
Lake Macquarie, Brisbane Water & Lower Portland Head Households1828
Free Passengers & Crew on Convict Ships into Sydney1830-1840
Index of NSW Convict Indents
Index to NSW Colonial Secretary's Office (Letters sent to Sheriff)1828-1850
Federal Directory
Index of names from the Federal Directory of Newcastle1901
The Federal Directory of Newcastle1901
Index to Unassisted Arrivals to NSW1842-1855
Index to NSW Immigration Deposit Journals1853-1900
Hunter River Gazette Newspaper Index 1841-1842
Maitland Mecury Newspaper Index1843
Index of BDM's in Sydney Newspapers1830-1840
The Age "Help Wanted" Column1984-1989
Sydney Morning Herald Index VE and VJ Days (May 7 & Aug 17, 1945)
NSW Births, Deaths & Marriages
Births - Index1856-1859
Births - Index1860-1864
Births - Index1865-1869
Births - Index1870-1879
Births - Index1880-1889
Births - Index1890-1899
Births - Index1900-1903
Births - Index1904-1905
NSW Pioneers Index Federation Series (A - Gre)Missing
NSW Pioneers Index Federation Series (Gre-Gri)1889-1918
NSW Pioneers Index Federation Series (Gri - Z)Missing
Baptisms - Supplementary IndexPre 1856
Baptisms - IndexPre 1856
Burials - Index Pre 1856
Burials - Supplementary IndexPre 1856
Deaths - Index1856-1869
Deaths - Index1870-1879
Deaths - Index1880-1889
Deaths - Index1890-1899
Deaths - Index1900-1905
Marriage - Supplementary IndexPre 1856
Marriage - Index1856-1859
Marriage - Index1860-1864
Marriage - Index1865-1869
Marriage - Index1870-1874
Marriage - Index1875-1879
Marriage - Index1880-1884
Marriage - Index1885-1889
Marriage - Index1890-1894
Marriage - Index1895-1899
Marriage - Index1900-1905
Parish Registers
Church of England Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn Parish Register Index
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1801-1901
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1902-1928
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1929-1938
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1939-1946
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1947-1952
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1953-1959
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1960-1963
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1964-1967
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1968-1972
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1973-1977
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1978-1981
Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index1982-1985
Railway Passes
Index to Free Railway Passes (NSW)1880-1892
NSW Orphan School Index1817-1833
South Australia
Biographical Index of South Australians1836-1885
Tombstone Inscriptions - Field of Mars, Ryde, NSW
Index - Abba,Taher to Paitre, AudreyFiche 1
Index - Palamra, G to *** SoshaFiche 2
Inscriptions 001 to 7910Fiche 1
Inscriptions 7912 to 14750Fiche 2
Inscriptions 14751 to 21193Fiche 3
Inscriptions 21195 to 28407Fiche 4
Inscriptions 28408 to 34593Fiche 5
Inscriptions 34594 to 36799Fiche 6
Index Supplementary - Abate, Francesca to Watson, Violet LilyFiche 1
Inscriptions Supplementary 36800 to 37542Fiche 1
Tombstone & Memorial Inscriptions
Inscriptions of Tasmania 2nd Edition (Alpha Index)
Inscriptions of Tasmania 2nd Edition (Reference Number Index)
Victoria - Australia
Place Names of Victoria
MIL1A Soldier in the Family - The First Fleet to the Gulf WarAllan Box
MIL2The DesertersRae Sexton
MIL3How to Trace your Military Ancestors in Australia & New ZealandR. H. Montague
MIL4Casualty Lists & Military Miscellany 1942 Volume 1Newcastle FHS
MIL5Casualty Lists & Military Miscellany 1942 Volume 2Newcastle FHS
MIL6"United Service's Home" - "A Drysdale Romance"F. C. (Eric) Kourn
MIL7Coal Miners & Diggers - Hunter Valley Coal Miners at the Great WarDavid H. Dial
MIL8The March of the Wallabies - AutographedDavid H. Dial
MIL9World War I - Hawkesbury Heroes Volume 1R & W Gow, Val Birch
MIL10The AnzacsPatsy Adam-Smith
MIL11Tales from HentyGeorge Alfred Henty
MIL12World War I - Hawkesbury Heroes Volume 2R & W Gow, Val Birch
MIL13Military Forces in NSW - An Introduction 1788-1904, Part 1
MIL14Where Heroes Sleep - Hunter Valley Fallen of the Great WarDavid H. Dial
MIL15Vietnam Veterans - Sons of the HunterCompiled by Moreo Rowe
MIL16The Australian Soldiers Gift BookE. Turner, B. Stevens
MIL17Musters and Lists - New South Wales & Norfolk Island - 1800-1802
MIL18Musters and Lists - New South Wales & Norfolk Island - 1805-1806
MIL19General Muster & Land and Stock Muster of New South Wales 1822
MIL20General Muster of New South Wales 1823,1824,1825
MIL21General Return of Convicts in NSW 1837
MIL22Changi Photographer - George Aspinall's Record of CaptivityTim Bowden
MIL23Soldiering On
MIL24Clarence Valley World War I VolunteersTom Morley
MIL25The Waratahs - South Coast Recruiting March 1915Alan Clark
MIL26Sacred Records - Stories From World War II
MIL27HMAS ArmidaleFrank B. Walker
MIL28Winged Promises - A History of No.14 Squadron RAF, 1915-1945
MIL29Federation FrontlinePeter & Sheila Forrest
MIL30Not Just a Stone Frigate
MIL31Rum RebellionH.V.Evatt
MIL32The British Regiments in Australasia
MIL33The Australian Waler Horse - Forgotten HeroesJill Mather
MIL34More Sources of World War 1 - Army Ancestry BritishNorman Holding
MIL35The Old Campaigners (Camels, Mules, Donkeys & Waler Horses)Jill Mather
MIL36The War 1939-1945
MIL37Soldier-Teacher War Memorials WW1 & 2Tom Spencer
MIL38Royal Military College Australia 1911-1946 DuntroonCol.J.E.Lee
MIL39Military History "Oxford Companion"Richard Holmes
MIL40The Oxford Companion to Australian Military HistoryDennis/Grey/Morris/Prior
MIL41No Mean Destiny-The Story of War Widows Guild Aust. 1945-85
MIL42A Short History of the British ArmyMajor E.W.Sheppard
MIL43The Australians in Nine Wars (Waikato to Longtan)Peter Firkins
MIL44Air Base RichmondDerek Roylance
MIL45A River to CrossArthur Pike
MIL46The Long Last Summer (Australia's Upper Class Before the Great War)Micheal Cannon
MIL47The Moon Seems Upside Down (Letters of Love & War)Jim Mitchell
MIL48Forgotten Voices of the Second World WarMax Arthur
MIL49The Digger's View - WW1 in ColourJuan Mahony
MIL50The War Atlas (Armed Conflict - Armed Peace)Michael Kidron & Dan Smith
MIL51Centenary - A Celebration of Life & Sacrifice 1915-2015East Lake Macquarie H.S
MIL52The Western Front 1916-1918Peter Cochrane
MIL53The Other Side of No Man's Land - Arthur Wheen World War 1 HeroJohn Ramsland
MIL54Where Australians Fought and Died - Book 4James McClelland
MIL55An Anzac from HamiltonDoug Saxton
MIL56Stories from World War 2Students from Toronto High School
MIL57Golden Diggers The Hill End & Tambaroora dist. Contribution to the First World War.H. Wood & L Purcell
MIL58Ned Herring A Life of Sir Edmund HerringStuart Sayers
MIL59 Soldiers in Different Armies Brenda Inglis Powell
MIL60"Krait" SRD Connection Service Reconnaissance Department Volume1 (2005)Shirley Myles Gleghorn
MIN1Historic Kiadra (The Cooma-Monara HS)D.G.Moye
MIN2Wallsend & Pelton Collieries - A Chronology of the Ncle Wallsend Coal Co.Ed Tonks
MIN3Lambton by the Sea - The Last 19th Century Colliery on the Ncle CoalfieldEd Tonks
MIN4Cornwall's Old Mines
MIN5Mining Fatalities of the Kurri Kurri District 1891-1991Ross Pogonoski
MIN6New Ways In History - GoldG. Weller & Joan Clarke
MIN7Coals to NewcastleSarah Marsden
MIN8Forgotten Country - The Story of the Upper Clarence Gold Fields
MIN9Nineteenth Century Coalmining Related Deaths, Hunter Valley, NSWF. Maxwell, E.Sheehan
MIN10Lambton 1862-1872 - Glimpses into Life in a Colliery TownshipG. R. Hubbuck
MIN11"Beneath Tidal Water" The Story of Newcastle's Harbour CollieriesEd Tonks
MIN12James Fletcher, The Miners' AdvocateJ.G. Lowndes
MIN13The Glint of Gold - Mudge Central West NSWK.Cook & D. Garvey
MIN14Coal Mining in Newcastle 1801-1900J.W. Turner
MIN15James & Alexander BrownJ.W. Turner
MIN16GoldBill Peach
MIN17Gold & SilverKeast Burke
MIN18Northumberland-Newstan 1887-1987 (100 years of Coal Mining)Ed Tonks
MIN19Coal-Miners DaughtersBetty Hodges-Linton
MIN20Australia's First Exports - Two Centuries of Coal Loading in the Port of NewcastleMSB Hunter Ports Authority
MIN21History of Redhead CollieryEd Tonks
MIN22Old Gold & Mining Towns of Australia (1987)John Darbyshire & C.E.Sayers
National Trust of Australia
NAT1History of Riverdale - GoulburnRachel Roxburgh
NAT2Hunter Region Restoration Suppliers and ServicesThe National Trust of Aust
NAT3The Parliament of Victoria and Parliament House
NAT4Rosedale 1839 - Originally the Mount Victoria Inn
NAT5Shaping the Hunter - The Engineering Heritage
NAT6Building a Nation - A History of the Australian HouseJohn Archer
NAT7A List of Old Estates
NAT8A History of the Treasury
NAT9Industrial & Historical Archaeology - Seminar 79
NAT10A Guide to the Conservation of Cemeteries
NAT11Bendigo Historic BuildingsMike Butcher
NEP1Boolaroo Bulletin - A Centenary Publication 1898-1998 - "Past and Present"
NEP2Union List of Local Newspapers in New South Wales Public Libraries
NEP3Shoalhaven News 1867-1873 Index to the BDMShoalhaven FHS
NEP4Extracts from the Shoalhaven News 1867-1873 Land Sales & AuctionsShoalhaven FHS
NEP5Ncle & District Court News Jan-June 1884-Extracts from Ncle Morning HeraldNewcastle FHS
NEP6The Irish Relief Fund - List of Subscribers published in "The Maitland Mercury" in 1846Monica Gibbs
NEP7The Scrap BookR & E. Pugh
NEP8The Sydney Gazette & NSW Advertiser (March 5 1803 - February 26 1804) Volume 1C. First
NEP8aThe Sydney Gazette & NSW Advertiser (March 4 1804 - February 24 1805) Volume 2
NEP8bThe Sydney Gazette & NSW Advertiser (May 15 1808 - December 31 1809) Volume 6 & 7
NEP9Nineteenth Century Australian PeriodicalsLurline Stuart
NEP10Index of BDM Extracted Cape Hawke Advocate 1954-1963 Edition
NEP10aIndex of BDM Extracted Cape Hawke Advocate 1964-1968
NEP11Extracts of Public Notices-The Northern Miner - Charter Towers 1874-1884
NEP12Register Personal Notices Volume 1 1836-1859Reg Butler & Alan Phillips
NEP13Register Personal Notices Volume 2 1860-1865Reg Butler & Alan Phillips
NEP14Register Personal Notices Volume 3 1866-1870Reg Butler & Alan Phillips
NEP15Register Personal Notices Volume Amended Index
NEP16Sydney Revels(The Eighteen Fifties) of Bacchus, Cupid & MomusCharles Adam Corbyn
NEP17Over a Century of News 1890-1993
NEP18History in our Streets - Newcastle Herald Newspaper ClippingsNorm Barney
NEP19Vetaffairs Newspapers
NEP20The Scottish Banner Newspaper
NEP21The Morisset & Westlake Courier
NEP22Newspapers in the Dixson Library - A HandlistB. A. Rice
NEP23The Newcastle Herald (Hunter History Collection)
NEP24History in our Streets - Newcastle Herald PhotographsNorm Barney
NEP25A Centenary of Memories (Dungog Chronicle 1888-1988)
NEP26Early Edition (19th Century News & Genealogy Australia 1800-1899 First Edition)Tasmanian Genealogy Services
NEP27Maitland & Beyond (Maitland Mercury Daily 1872 & 1882) Volume 4Maitland FHS
NEP28Maitland in the Media (Hunter River Gazette 1841-1842 & Maitland Mercury 1843-1845)Barbara Brown
NEP29Morpeth Insights (Morpeth District 1841-1901)Ron Anderson
NEP30The Press in Colonial Queensland (A Social & Political History 1845-1875)Denis Cryle
NEP31 The Sydney Morning Herald (History as it Happened 150 years 1831-1981)L.V. Kepert
NEP32Hunter Tourist Guide Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Lower North Coast 23 September 1986Newcastle Herald
NEP33Lake Macquarie Life & Times Commemorating 100 yrs of Local Government 1800-2006Newcastle Herald
NEP34125 Years The Newcastle Herald (A Special Supplement) 6 October 1983Newcastle Herald
NEP35The Maitland Mercury (Year by Year 150 Front Pages 1843-1993)
NEP36The Sydney Herald (18 April 1831 to 2 January 1832)
Nursing Homes
NUR1The Catalina Memorial Nursing Home - Rathmines
NUR2C.A.Brown Anglican Village - 40 years on-A Celebration of 40 years of Caring
OCC1Pharmacy in NSW 1788-1976 (The Grains & Threepenn'orths of Pharmacy)Gregory Haines
Parish History
PAR1High Ham Somerset Parish Register Transcripts 1644-1812 BMBSue Woods
PAR2High Ham Somerset Parish Register Transcripts 1813-1902 BMBSue Woods
PAR3High Ham Somerset Parish Register Transcripts (Copies of Photo's)Sue Woods
PAR4Directory of Parish Registers Indexed in IrelandIrish FHS
Pioneer Registers
PIO1Pioneer Families of Brisbane Water District of NSWCentral Coast FHG
PIO2Clarence River Pioneer Register - Pre 1900Joan & Jim Allerton & Hazel Davidson
PIO3Pioneers of Liverpool
PIO4Maitland District Pre 1900 Pioneer Register Volume 1Maitland Family HC
PIO4aMaitland District Pre 1900 Pioneer Register Volume 2Maitland Family HC
PIO5Maryborough Heritage Register - Maryborough Pioneers 1848-1868Marlene Wilson
PIO6Newcastle & Lower Hunter Region Pioneer Register Pre 1920
PIO7A Register of Pioneer Families, Volume 1, 1788-18201788-1820 Pioneer Association
PIO7aThe 1788-1820 Association's Pioneer Register, Second Edition Volume 1C.J Smee & J.S Provis
PIO7bThe Pioneer Register Second Edition Volume 6C.J. Smee
PIO8Parramatta Pioneer Register - Foundation to FederationParramatta & Dist. HS
PIO9Parramatta Pioneer Register - Settlement to 1920Parramatta & Dist. HS
PIO10Cobar - Founding FathersWilliam Clelland
PIO11Newcastle as a Convict Settlement-Evidence Before 1819-1821J.T.Bigge
PIO12The ExilesWilliam Joy
PIO13Terang & District Pioneer Register - The Next Generation Pre 1925
PIO14Pioneer Register of New England from First Settlement
PIO15Squatters on the Richmond 1840-1900 Settlement to Dissolution
PIO16Wyong & Tuggerah Lakes District Pioneer Register
PIO17Pioneer Women-Pioneer Land - Yesterday's Tall PoppiesSusanna De Fries-Evans
PIO18Forbes & District Pioneer Register Pre 1920 Volume 1 A-F
PIO18aForbes & District Pioneer Register Pre 1920 Volume 2 G-N
PIO18bForbes & District Pioneer Register Pre 1920 Volume 3 O-Z
PIO19The Townsville & District Pioneer & Biographical Register
PIO20Manning Wallamba FHS Pre 1860 Pioneer Register - Book 1
PIO21Manning Wallamba FHS Pre 1860 Pioneer Register - Book 2
PIO22Descendents of Goulburn and District Pioneers
PIO23Hawkesbury Pioneer Families - Bi-Centennial Day
PIO24Pioneer Register - Pioneer Families of Cessnock
PIO25Darling Downs Biographical Register to 1900 Part 1, A-K
PIO26Darling Downs Biographical Register to 1900 Part 2, L-Z
PIO27Australia Since FederationFred Alexander
PIO28Moruya Pioneer Directory A - H
PIO29Moruya Pioneer Directory I - Z
PIO30Pioneers & Settlers of Lake Macquarie
PIO31A Register of Pioneer Families of Bathurst & District Before 1900
PIO32Far North Queensland Pioneer Register to 1920Cairns Dist. FHS
PIO33Far North Queensland Pioneer Register to 1940Cairns Dist. FHS
PIO34Maroubra & District Pioneer Register Pre 1945
PIO35Charters Towers & Dalrymple Pioneer Register Pre 1900
PIO36Blue Mountains Pioneer Register Pre 1930
PIO37Blue Mountains Pioneer Register Pre 1920
PIO38Digging up the Past - Berrima District, Southern Highlands
PIO39The Pioneer Families of Mount Vincent
PIO40Coonabarabran Pioneer Register
PIO41Pioneers of a Great ValleyI.M. Simpson
PIO42Australian Pioneer WomenEve Pownall
PIO43Australian Pioneers & ReminiscencesNehemiah Bartley
PIO44Family History Society Pioneer Register Milton Ulladulla
PIO45Wollombi & Surrounding Districts Pre 1856 Baptisms & Marriages
PIO46Coffs Harbour District Pre1930 Pioner RegisterCoffc Harbour FHG
PIO47Biograghical Register of Muswellrook & District - Volume 1
PIO48Pioneer Women of the Bush & OutbackJennifer Isaacs
PIO49Illawarra Pioneers Pre 1900Illawarra FHG
PIO50Illawarra Pioneers Pre 1920Illawarra FHG
PIO51Of Mutiny. Mutton & GoldW. Johnson
PIO52Fourth Fleet Families of AustraliaC J Smee
PIO53Camden Pioneer Register (Third Edition 1800-1920)Camden Area FHS
PIO54Blayney Shire Pioneer Register (Settlement to Federation)Blayney FHG
PIO55Sugarloaf-Mulbring Valley History & Pioneering Families IndexBrian Andews
PIO56Sugarloaf-Mulbring Valley History & Pioneering Families 1987Brian Andews
PIO57Sugarloaf-Mulbring Valley History & Pioneering Families 1988Brian Andews
PIO58Sugarloaf-Mulbring Valley History & Pioneering Families 1989Brian Andews
PIO59Sugarloaf-Mulbring Valley History & Pioneering Families 1990Brian Andews
PIO60Sugarloaf-Mulbring Valley History & Pioneering Families 1991Brian Andews
PIO61Pioneers & Settlers in the Police District of Kiama NSWKiama FHC
PIO62Settlers on the MarthaguyM.Dormer/J.Starr
PIO63The Hawkesbury Pioneer RegisterHawkesbury FHG
PIO64NSW Pioneers - How to search Kaware 2- Index discJ & S Smith
PIO65The Pioneer Settlement of the Hunter River Valley 1821-1831Henry James Cyril Green
PIO66aPort Stephens Past & Present (1)
PIO66bPort Stephens Past & Present (2)
PIO67Pioneers of Newcastle NSWJames McClelland
PIO68The Anglican Parish of The Picton District - Marriage Registers 1839-1897 Volume 1Picton & District FHS
PIO69The Anglican Parish of The Picton District - Marriage Registers 1898-1929 Volume 2Picton & District FHS
PIO70The Anglican Parish of The Picton District - Marriage Registers 1924-1963 Volume 2Picton & District FHS
PIO71The Pioneers of Penrith Volume 1Nepean FHS
PIO72The Pioneers of Penrith Volume 2Nepean FHS
PIO73Pioneers of the Hunter River (Men of Their Time)Dulcie Harlley
PIO74My Pioneer Mother - Ada Godfrey Born at Hill End 1872Miriam Tupper
PIO75The Mullard Family
PIO76Pioneer Families
PIO77Wing Hing Long, Tingha
PIO78Pioneers Darling Downs
PIO79The Keppie Family in AustraliaEdwin L. Coyle
PIO80Thomas & Elizabeth EatherJean Purtell
PIO81Lieutenant Commander Frederick Bedwell R.N. 1796-1853H.F. Boyle
PIO82The Pioneer Register - Volume 8C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO83The Pioneer Register - Volume 9C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO84The Pioneer Register - Volume 10C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO85The Pioneer Register - Volume 11C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO86The Pioneer Register - Volume 12C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO87The Pioneer Register - Volume 13C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO88The Pioneer Register - Volume 14C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO89The Pioneer Register - Volume 15C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO90The Pioneer Register - Volume 16C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO91The Pioneer Register - Volume 17C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO92The Pioneer Register - Volume 18C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO93The Pioneer Register - Volume 19C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO95The Pioneer Register - Volume 21C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO96The Pioneer Register - Volume 22C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO97The Pioneer Register - Volume 23C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO98The Pioneer Register - Volume 24C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO99The Pioneer Register - Volume 25C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO100The Pioneer Register - Volume 26C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO101The Pioneer Register - Volume 27C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO102The Pioneer Register - Volume 28C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO103The Pioneer Register - Volume 29C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO104The Pioneer Register - Volume 30C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO105The Pioneer Register - Spouse Supplement - Volume 6 - 10C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO106The Pioneer Register - Spouse Supplement - Volume 21 - 25C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO107The Pioneer Register - Spouse Supplement - Volume 26 - 30C J Smee & J S Provis
PIO108A History of GormandaleKathleen M. Huffer
PIO109Martha Alice Facey 1888-1972Dianne Sylvia Decker
PIO110Chauvel Country (The Story of a Great Australian Pioneering Family)Elyne Mitchell
PIO111Early Settlers in the Nandewars Vol.1Nandewar Historical Society
PIO112Two Hawkesbury Pioneers The Story of Daniel Smallwood and Edward WeaverIan Forster
PIO113The West Tamar People The Story of the Early Settlement and its well-established families- Tas.Lois Nyman
PIO114The Rose Family of the Bellona Australian Free Settlement Begins 16th January 1793 (1990)Jill Hellyer
RES2German Research - Cyndi's List
RES3Family Search - Church of Latter Day Saints
RES4Irish Resources - Casey Remarkable Collection for Kerry & Cork
RES5India Resources
RES6Research in the Dixon Library
RES7Library ResourcesRaymond Terrace HS
RES8Clarence River Newspaper Index
RES9ACT Heraldry Family History Research
RES10The Scottish Association of Family History
RES11Index to Research Advice Articles Appearing in Family History PublicationsLiz Vincent
RES12County Monaghan Sources - Public Records Office Northern IrelandPeter Collins
RES13Finding your Mob (How to Fact Sheets Department Aboriginal Affairs)Family Records Unit
SCS1Boolaroo Public School 1900-2000Elspeth Bradbury
SCS2Teralba School Centenary 1884-1984
SCS3Bark Hut or Horse to Toronto - Awaba School 1891-1991
SCS4Our Girls - Maitland Girl's High School 1884-1984Mollie Eichholzer
SCS5Nords Wharf Public School Centenary 1901 - 2001
SCS6A Short History of Education in New South WalesAlan Barcan
SCS7With Its Hat About Its Ears - Recollections of the Bush School
SCS8Telarah Public School 1990 Centenary
SCS9A History of Central Coast Schools
SCS10Adamstown Heights Infants School - Admission Registers 1950-1990
SCS11Hawks Nest - Tea Gardens Centenary of Education 1877-1977
SCS12A Book of Memories - Belmont Public School 1874-2001
SCS13Pelaw Main Public School - Centenary 1903-2003
SCS14Jugiong Centenary 1983
SCS15Church of England Girls School Newcastle "The Mitre"Vol.2.No.2 Apr 1927
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Social Environment - Australia
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SEA4South AustraliaFrank S. Greenop
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SEA51Colourful Australia
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SEA80Stroud and The A.A. Co.
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SEA109fAustralia's Heritage - Volume 7
SEA109gAustralia's Heritage - Volume 8
SEA109hAustralia's Heritage - Volume 9
SEA109iAustralia's Heritage - Volume 10
SEA109jAustralia's Heritage - Volume 11
SEA109kAustralia's Heritage - Volume 12
SEA109lAustralia's Heritage - Volume 13
SEA109mAustralia's Heritage - Volume 14
SEA110 Around Australia - Australian Wild Life
SEA110aAround Australia - Brisbane
SEA110bAround Australia - Hobart
SEA110cAround Australia - Papua & New Guinea
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SEA110eAround Australia - The Great Barrier Reef
SEA110fAround Australia - The Snowy Mountains Scheme
SEA110gAround Australia - Western Australia
SEA111The Port Stephens Story
SEA112The Guiding Light in Port Stephens Heritage
SEA113Visitor's Guide - Port Stephens - Blue Water Paradise
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SEA132Discovering Australia - Squatters & ImmigrantsJ.E. Tate
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SEA134Discovering Australia - GoldJ.E. Tate
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SEA141Beautiful Gold Country
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SEA169Creating A Living Past
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SEA224The People of Warners Bay & Beyond
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SEA228Mildura to the Sea - Illustration the River Murray
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SEA237Stagecoach Stories of Old AustraliaBill Wannan
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SEA239The Murray River's Paddle Steamers & BullockiesFrank Tucker
SEA240Welcome to Australia - Lifestyle Culture
SEA241Walka Waterworks 1892-Hunter District Water BoardJohn W. Armstrong
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SEA243The Strabane & West In The 1800's
SEA244The Good Old Days - Along the Manning River & Great Lakes
SEA245Town Life in AustraliaRichard Twopenny
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SEA255A History of Campbell Town (Tasmania) The Children of ErinGeoff Duncombe
SEA256Recollections of the South EastEdith Hinton
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SEA258There Goes the Neighborhood
SEA259Australian Family Album
SEA260Bairnsdale - Portrait of an Australian Country TownHal Porter
SEA261A History of the Municipality of Canterbury, NSW Change & Challenge
SEA262Reader's Digest - Book of Historic Australian Towns
SEA263Around the Cowel
SEA264The WaybackSarah Musgrove
SEA265Little Village in the Foothills
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SEA267What's in a NameGeorge & Noelene Boyd
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SEA270The Residents of Brisbane Water in 1841 - The Dreams Begins Volume 2
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SEA273Historical Sketch of Queensland
SEA274Memories of Mount Vincent
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SEA276HeadlandsBruce Beaver
SEA277The Rocks Sydney
SEA278Some Historic Gardens in South Australia
SEA279Sydney Sketchbook - Drawing
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SEA281Family & Local History Sources in Sydney area
SEA282Place Names in AustraliaA.W. Reed
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SEA284Cornwall to the Shoalhaven
SEA285Tasmania by Road & TrackE. T. Emmett
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SEA290Folklore of AustraliaWalter Stone
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SEA292The Oxford History of Australia Volume 5Geoffrey Bolton
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SEA294Locating Australia's Past
SEA295Man in a Lifeboat!Ncle Lifeboat Service 1838-1946/Rocket Brigade 1866-1974Pamela B. Harrison
SEA296Life in the Cities - Australia in the Victoria Age 3Michael Cannon
SEA297Heritage HandbookG. Davison/C. McConville
SEA298AustraliaRussel Ward
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SEA301Twentieth Century SydneyJill Rose
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SEA304Australians in their Environment - GeographyE.Camm,J.Camm,P.Irwin
SEA305Port Stephens Past & Present
SEA306The Belmont Sportman's Club - 25th Anniversary 1955-1980
SEA307Bread & Dripping Days 1920'sKathleen McArthur
SEA308A Handbook Local History for EnthusiastsHibbins,Fahey & Askew
SEA309The Morpeth Story - 1821
SEA310Morpeth SurvivalMichael Breen
SEA311Maitland 1863-1963Maitland City Council
SEA312Cardiff & Wallsend Chambers of Commerce - Who's Who - 1985
SEA313Cobb & Co. Heritage Trail Bathurst to Bourke - HistoryDiane de St. Hilaire Simmonds
SEA314News from MarengoMurringo History Centre
SEA315Walgett Before the Motor CarJohn Ferry
SEA316Sail in the SouthRonald Parsons
SEA317Kyogle & Dist. Early Selectors & Settlers 1840 - 1920Bruce Wilson
SEA318Chandeliers & Billy Tea 1880- 1940Peter Cuffley
SEA319The Model Store 1885 - 1985 (Grace Bros. 100 Years)
SEA320Travelling Down the GudgegongMudgee-Gulgong FHG
SEA321Cazneaux's Sydney 1904-1934Philip Geeves
SEA322Australia's Outback Heritage (Frontier Country Volume 1)
SEA323Australia's Outback Heritage (Frontier Country Volume 2)
SEA324The Voyages of Captain CookRex & Thea Rienits
SEA324aJames Cook Thea Stanley Hughes
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SEA326Neath Mount Sugarloaf Book 2West Wallsend Public School
SEA327Neath Mount Sugarloaf Book 3West Wallsend Public School
SEA327aNeath Mount Sugarloaf Volumes 1-3 IndexWest Wallsend Public School
SEA328Paluma-The First Eighty Years 1870-1950Linda Venn
SEA329Early West Wallsend (Westy) Its People & PlacesT.G. Reynolds
SEA330Holmesville One Mans VisionLillian Price
SEA331Greater Cessnock General Information & Historical Background March 1984
SEA332Junee (Speaking of the Past)Junee Council
SEA333The Rise of High Street, MaitlandMaitland City Council
SEA334Sydney & the Bush
SEA335The Rebel ChorusGeoff Hocking
SEA336Warners Bay the Early YearsPeter Murray
SEA337The Changing Moods of a Rural Estate "Tocal"Judy White
SEA338The Hatch & Brood of Time (Native-born white Australians 1788-1828)Portia Robinson
SEA339The Exiles of Canada Bay (On the Shores of the Parramatta River near Concord - Australia)Patricia Skehan
SEA340In Pursuit of Justice (Australian Women & The Law 1788-1979)
SEA341Official Year Book of the Commonwealth of Australia - No. 25-1932Bureau of Census & Statistics
SEA342Ghosts of Port Arthur (1870 to present day)J.McCulloch/A.Simmons
SEA343Legacies of our Fathers (Sons & Daughters of the Japanese Prisoners of World War 11)Carolyn Newman
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SEA345History of the Newcastle Dist.Bowling Association 1898-1972
SEA345aCentenary of the Newcastle District Bowling Association (Zone2) Inc.
SEA346Kurri Kurri 1904-1979
SEA347Belmont (Lake Macquarie) 1825-1974W.S. Parkes
SEA348Maitland Tramway Ventures R.Wilson & K. McCarthy
SEA349Newcastle in the Great DepressionShiela Gray
SEA350Manufacturing in Newcastle 1801-1900J.W.Turner
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SEA352The Early Years/The Lakes Western - Wallsend - Cardiff
SEA353The Story of New NorciaWestern Aust. Benedictine Mission
SEA354In Step with SturtK. Swan & M. Carnegie
SEA355Hunter's River (Lower Hunter Valley)Cecily Joan Mitchell
SEA356The Circus Comes to Town (Nostalgia Australian Big Tops)Geoff Greaves
SEA357Telegraph Stations of Central Australia
SEA358Early History of MedowieS. Finn
SEA359From Fullerton Cove to Motto FarmDulcie Hartley
SEA360The Voyage of the InvestigatorK.A.Austin
SEA361Australian Epic JourneysAnthony Barker
SEA362Maryland - Bringelly NSWFreda Palmer
SEA363History of Toowoomba R. Dansie
SEA3641836 Post Office Directory of NSWNepean FHS
SEA365Coonabarabran - As it was in the beginningJoy Pickette/Mervyn Campbell
SEA366A Town Called Port (Port Macquarie & Hastings Valley)John Moyes/Gilbert Mant
SEA367Henry F. Halloran in Port Stephens the LegacyYvonne Fraser
SEA368The Crookhaven (Numba & Surrounding District)F.W.Caffery
SEA369Echuca - Moama (On The Murray)Helen Coulson
SEA370Early History of Newcastle & the Lower Hunter AreaRaymond Terrace & Dist.Historical
SEA371Stories & Memories of Forbes & District (Remember When)Forbes FHG
SEA371aStories & Memories of Forbes & District (Remember When Too)Forbes FHG
SEA372A History of Toowoomba Ambulance 1902-1905A.T.Campbell
SEA373Early History of Toowoomba Darling Downs F.H
SEA374The Story of Gulgong (Written in Gold)Eileen Maxwell
SEA375Port Arthur 1830-1877Ian Brand
SEA376Katherine Police 1879-1980M. Canavan (Katherine H.S.)
SEA377The Three Towns of KatherineM. Canavan (Katherine H.S.)
SEA378Katherine Street NamesM. Canavan (Katherine H.S.)
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SEA380Strength of Spirit (Pioneering Women of Achievement)Susanna DeVries
SEA381The Oxford Australian HistoryJan Bassett
SEA382Across the Years 1896-1936 (Outback Letterbook)Jane Bardsley
SEA383Toowoomba's Gaol
SEA384The Land BoomersMichael Cannon
SEA385Who's Master? Who's Man (Australia in the Victorian Age)Michael Cannon
SEA386The ShearersPatsy Adam-Smith
SEA387Wingham District Memorial Services ClubSandra M. Williams
SEA388The Road by the RiverPeter Beale
SEA389The Story of George StreetCharles H. Bertie
SEA390Breaking the BankCarol Baxter
SEA391Exploring The Hawkesbury (Second Edition 1990)R. Ian Jack
SEA392A Girl at Government HouseHelen Vellacott
SEA393The Bible of the BushHugh Jones
SEA394Cooma 150 Years On (Village of Cooma)Cooma-Monaro Historical Society
SEA395A Future More Prosperous (The History of Newcastle Steelworks 1912-1999)Christopher Jay
SEA396Southern Highlands StoryJohn McColgan
SEA397George Town History of the Town & Disrict - TasmaniaJ.G. Branagan
SEA398A History of Evandale - TasmaniaK.R. von Stieglitz, O.B.E
SEA39950 Years Colo Vale - A Short History of the Village & Surrounding PropertiesD.N. Jones
SEA400Early Launceston 1806-1897Ernest Whitfeld
SEA401Recollections of Launceston 1836-1847George Samuel Fuller
SEA402Hawkesbury Journey (Up the Windsor Road from Baulkham Hills)D.G. Bowd
SEA403Macquarie Country (A History of the Hawkesbury)D. G. Bowd
SEA404Clarendon and its PeopleM. J. Maddock
SEA405A Basic History of Ryde 1792-1964The Ryde Historical Society
SEA406The History of Port MacquarieHastings District HS
SEA407Present Location of Early Property Names & Places 1792-1865 (Richmond-Tweed Region)Jean McNaught
SEA408History of Blacksmiths (Newcastle NSW)Wal Drane
SEA409History of Windale (Newcastle NSW)Max Saxby
SEA410History of Toronto Baseball Club 1948-1998 (Newcastle NSW)Diane J. Little
SEA411The Birth of Newcastle (NSW Australia)Ncle Historical Society
SEA412Morisset Centenary 1888-1988 Centenary Committee
SEA413Fassifern Public School 1922-1997Fassifern P.S.
SEA414The Story of Awaba (Pit Props & Sleepers)Doug Saxon
SEA415The Final Whistle (The Sulphide Corporation - Pasminco Cockle Creek - Newcastle Lake Macquarie)Kim Sweetman
SEA416Old ParramattaMichael Charles
SEA417Pictorial History - Parramatta & DistrictJohn McClymont
SEA418Pictorial History Pentrith & St.MarysLorraine Stacker
SEA419A Brief History of Central Charlestown Rugby League Club 1910-2001 (Butcher Boy Barrackers)T.Bryden & T. Bunn
SEA420Sailing Speers Point 1880 OnwardsJane Klein
SEA421City of Lake Macquarie State Emergency Service (Our Journey 1959-2010)Judith Forty
SEA422Early Years at the Katherine NT (Springvale's Story)Peter Forrest
SEA423Cardiff Bowling Club (50 years 1952-2002)Cardiff Bowling Club
SEA424Valentine Bowling Club (50 Years 1963-2013)Valentine Bowling Club
SEA425Life & Death in Maitland Gaol (The First 20 Years 1849 to 1869)Pamela B. Harrison
SEA426Pearl Beach & Progress (The Story of a Community & an Ideal 1929 - 2009)Beverley Kingston
SEA427Heritage Projects at Hunter Valley Training Co.- saving the past for the futurePeter Grigg
SEA428A Pictorial History of the Wyong Shire - Volume OneEdward Stinson
SEA429A Pictorial History of the Wyong Shire - Volume TwoEdward Stinson
SEA430A Pictorial History of the Wyong Shire - Volume FourEdward Stinson
SEA431A Pictorial History of the Wyong Shire - Volume FiveEdward Stinson
SEA432Stockton Over the Years - Volume 2Ross Craig
SEA433Stockton Over the Years - Volume 3Ross Craig
SEA434The Great Nyngan Flood - April 1990Marion Dormer
SEA435Tweedy Tales of Australia (Dubbo District)Keith Tweedy
SEA436A History of Lord Howe IslandMax Nicholls
SEA437A History of Yamba & IlukaMaclean Dist. Historical Society
SEA438The Ballina Lighthouse & Lismore Surf Life Saving Club 1933-1983
SEA439Newcastle NSWRon Morrison
SEA440The Royal (History of Royal Newcastle Hospital 1817-2005)Susan Marsden
SEA441Broken Hill 1883-1893R.H.B. Kearns
SEA442Broken Hill 1894-1914R.H.B. Kearns
SEA443Broken Hill 1915-1939R.H.B. Kearns
SEA444Broken Hill 1940-1973R.H.B. Kearns
SEA445Silverton 1890R.H.B. Kearns
SEA446For the Public Health - The Hunter Water Board 1892-1992Lloyd, Troy & Schreiner
SEA447Minmi "The Place of the Giant Lily"Ncle & Dist. Historical Society
SEA448The Louth Park Mob M.Fairleigh & P.Doherty
SEA449Lady Juliana and Bellona 1790-1793D. June Sharp
SEA450A History of Woodville DistrictL. V. Gorton
SEA451Birth Dates from Baptism Records (Gosford & Wyong District 1838-1861)D. J. McDonald
SEA452Death Dates from in Memorian Notices in Sydney Morning Herald - Volume 2. (1953-1968)Wyond Family History Group Inc.
SEA453John Tucker Park - Paterson NSWPauline M. Clements
SEA454A Pictorial History of Lake MacquarieThe Newcastle Herald
SEA455Joadja CreekLeonie Knapman
SEA456A Place Called Tahlee (Port Stephens since 1826)Carolyn Theobald
SEA457Australia All Over (Why I Live Where I Live)
SEA458Our Liverpool BoysLiverpool Heritage Library
SEA459Georges Hall The Land and Its PeopleGallaty, Morrin & Spiller
SEA460The Dorothea Mackellar - My Country - Paterson Valley ConnectionVal Anderson
SEA461Belmont - From the Dreaming to FederationPaul Brown
SEA462Snapshots of the Past - Bulahdelah & DistrictsMalcolm Carrall
SEA463Five Islands Road Project - Lake Macquarie City Council
SEA464Raymond Terrace "A Short History"S. Finn
SEA465Paterson "People & Places"Paterson H.S.
SEA466A Synopsis of the History of the Paterson River ValleyHarry Boyle/Val Anderson
SEA467Two Decades of Memorable Events & Colourful Personalities - Remember WhenArnold Earnshaw
SEA468Steel & Rails in NewcastleKeith McDonald
SEA469History of the Post Office in Newcastle NSWBernard Doughty
SEA470The EmancipistJohn Antill - Rose Warren
SEA471A History of the City of Springvale (Victoria Australia)G. M. Hibbins
SEA472TeralbaP. Jepson
SEA473Campbelltown & Airds 1948 - 1949 - 1950Campbelltown & Airds H.S.
SEA474Richmond River 1838 - 1938Richmond River H. S.
SEA475Preston Lands & PeopleH. W. Forster
SEA476A History of the Colony of Victoria 1883-1889 (The Rush to be Rich)Geoffrey Serle
SEA477A History of the Royal Motor Yacht Club Newcastle (60 years 1927-1987)Joan Fulton)
SEA478Lake Macquarie Past & PresentLake Macquarie Council
SEA479Boolaroo Bowling Club 1927-1977
SEA480Recollections of Wangi Wangi - Wangi Centenary 1916-2016Wangi Centenary History Group
SEA481Gosford and Central Coast SketchbookR. Revitt and B. Strom
SEA482Hawkesbury SketchbookDaphne Kingston
SEA483Ballarat The Formative YearsA.W. Strange
SEA484Ballarat A Guide To Buildings And Areas 1851 - 1940Wendy Jacobs
SEA485Sydney Town 1846-1851Lt. Col. Godfrey Charles Mundy
SEA486Shanty at the Bridge The Story of Donald Autographed 1st EditionC.E. Sayers
SEA487Historical Records of Port Phillip The First Annals of the Colony of VictoriaJohn J. Shillinglaw
SEA488By These We Flourish A History of WarrnamboolC.E.Sayers
SEA489Shepherd's Gold The Story of StawellC.E.Sayers
SEA490Fryerstown -Victoria as told to Constance Browning (1992)Ruth A. Rowe
SEA491Cooyal Stories- NSW (2000)Muriel M.Marks
SEA492South Australia What's in a Name? Historically significant place names (2002)Rodney Cockburn
SEA493History of Epping (NSW) Autographed 1966Walter G. Hazlewood
SEA494The Power of Humanity (100 Years of Australian Red Cross 1914-2014)Melanie Oppenheimer
SEA495Banking On The Bendigo ( a building society floated on gold) (1992)Tim Hewat
SEA496The Cradle City of Australia A History of Parramatta 1788-1961 (1978)James Jervis
SEA497Servant & Master Building and Running the Grand Houses of Sydney 1788-1850 (1989)Barrie Dyster
SEA498John Batman the Founder of Victoria ( edited by C.E.Sayers 1973)James Bonwick
SEA499Town With a History Beaconsfield Tasmania 1999 (3rd edition)Coultman Smith
SEA500Placenames of the Greater Hawkesbury Region (1994 1st edition)John P. Powell
SEA501A Community Profile of Garden Suburb (1986)Yvonne Parks
SEA502Eugowra Its History and Development (1994 published by Eugowra History Group)William G. Banham
SEA503Maitland Hub of the Hunter Historical Homes and Buildings (4th Edition July 1983)
Social Environment - Canada
SEC1Winnipeg 100Winnipeg Free Press
SEC2Tracing your Family Tree in CanadaAngus Baxter
SEC3Saint John Ships & their Builders - CanadaEsther Clark Wright
SEC4Dateline - CanadaBob Bowman
Social Environment - England
SEE1Around the CairngormsJarrold
SEE2The Heart of EnglandJarrold
SEE3Cornwall in ColourJarrold
SEE4Victorian and Edwardian Railway TravelJeffery Spence
SEE5Clothes - Past into Present SeriesMarjorie Wilkenson
SEE6Somerset - A Genealogical BibliographyStuart Raymond
SEE7The Western HighlandsJarrold
SEE8The Manchester ManLinn Eubanks
SEE9The Diary of a NobodyJeremy Lewis
SEE10aThe Electronic Journal of the London & North Middlesex FHS
SEE10bEast of London Family History
SEE10cBerkshire Family History & Surnames
SEE10dCambridgeshire Family History & Surnames
SEE10eCheshire Family History & Surnames
SEE10fCornwall Family History Surnames A-G
SEE10gCornwall Family History Surnames H-Z
SEE10hHuntingdonshire Family History & Surnames
SEE10iEast & West Surrey Family History & Surnames A-H
SEE10jEast & West Surrey Family History & Surnames I-Z
SEE11Book of British Villages
SEE12The British Isles - Book 4Uncle Pete's Travels
SEE13The County Books - SurreyEric Parker
SEE14SurreyF. R. Banks
SEE15Discovering London - 1 Roman LondonGrace Derwent
SEE15Discovering London - 2 The Conqueror's LondonDerek Brechin
SEE15Discovering London - 3 Medieval LondonKenneth Derwent
SEE15Discovering London - 4 Tudor LondonA. G. Robertson
SEE15aDiscovering London - 5 Stuart LondonMalpas Pearce
SEE15aDiscovering London - 6 Georgian LondonDerek Brechin
SEE15aDiscovering London - 7 Regency LondonDouglas Hill
SEE15aDiscovering London - 8 Victorian LondonGraham Norton
SEE16The History of Leyland & District - UKDavid Hunt
SEE17The Shell Book of English VillagesJohn Hadfield
SEE18Lovely Britain S.P.B.Mais/T.Stephenson
SEE19Penguin Guides - SomersetRussell Muirhead
SEE20Penguid Guides - Herts & BucksRussell Muirhead
SEE21Colourful Britain
SEE22The Heathside Book of Hamstead & HighgateIan Norrie
SEE23A London Home in the 1890sM.V. Hughes
SEE24Shakespeare's Country The Cotswolds and the Heart of England
SEE25The British IslesThomas Pickles
SEE26Teach Yourself - Instant Reference - British History
SEE27National Index of Parish Registers = Volume 5D.J. Steel
SEE28A Sketch-Map History of Britain 1688-1914Irene Richards
SEE29A Guide & Gazetteer - Country Houses of England, Scotland & WalesAndrew Ginger
SEE30A Guide & Gazetteer - Country Churches of England & Scotland
SEE31Local History Records - 1976 Volume 25
SEE32A Walker's Guide to Britain's Traditional Countryside -Country EyeGeoffrey Young
SEE33Epping Forest Then & NowW.Ramsey & W. Fowkes
SEE34Life's World Library - Britain
SEE35Origin of a Nation 1066
SEE36Archives & Local HistoryF.G.Emmison
SEE37Cornwall's HistoryPhilip Payton
SEE38Britian - Tracing your AncestorsD.M. Field
SEE39The Age of Urban Democracy England 1868-1914Donald Read
SEE40Children's Costume in England 1300-1900Phillis Cunnington & Anne Buck
SEE41Bread or Blood - Study of the Agrarian Riots in East Anglia in 1816A.J. Peacock
SEE42Cornwall in the 19th CenturyGeoff Ford
SEE43Life in Cornwall in the Early Nineteenth CenturyDyllansow Truran
SEE44Life in Cornwall at the End of the 19th CenturyD.Bradford Barton Ltd
SEE45Staffordshire Parish Registers Society (Rushall & Pelsall)Norman W. Tildesley
SEE46Staffordshire Parish Registers Society (Wednesfield)Norman W. Tildesley
SEE47A History of CheshireDorothy Sylvester
SEE48A History of Everyday Things in England 1066-1499Marjorie C.H.B. Quennell
SEE49A History of Everyday Things in England 1500-1799Marjorie C.H.B. Quennell
SEE50A History of Everyday Things in England 1733-1851Marjorie C.H.B. Quennell
SEE51A History of Everyday Things in England 1851-1914Marjorie C.H.B. Quennell
SEE52A History of Everyday Things in England 1914-1968Marjorie C.H.B. Quennell
SEE53The Makers of English HistoryAsa Briggs
SEE54A New History of England 410-1975L.C.B. Seaman
SEE55Queen Street Mill (Britains 19th Century Burnley Steam Powered Weaving Mill)
SEE56British History 1815-1914CP Hill & JC Wright Oxford
SEE57Domesday - A Search for the Roots of EnglandMichael Wood
SEE58Britain in Old Photographs Marylebone & PaddingtonRichard Bowden
Social Environment - Germany
SEG1Romantic Heidelberg
SEG2The Germans in AustraliaI.Harmstorf/M.Cigler
SEG3Bismarck and the German EmpireErich Eyck
SEG4Germany in the Pacific & Far East 1870-1914John A.Moses/Paul M.Kennedy
SEG5Decipher Germanic RecordsEdna M. Bentz
SEG6Eagle and Emu (German-Australian Writing 1930-1990)Manfred Jurgensen
Social Environment - Holland
SEH1Let's Go to Holland 77/78
Social Environment - Ireland
SEI 1Through Irish Eyes - McCourt's IrelandMalachy McCourt
SEI 2From Shamrock to Wattle Trevor McCloughlin
SEI 3BBC - The People of IrelandPatrick Loughrey
SEI 4Ireland - A Picture Book to Remember Her by
SEI 5The Ancestor Trail in IrelandDonal F. Begley
SEI 6The Irish in Australia
SEI 7The Book of Ulster SurnamesRobert Bell
SEI 8Irish Family History Research Information (2014)Jenny Myers
SEI 9All Ireland Sources Newsletter - July 2003 Volume 5-7Terry Eakin
SEI 10In the Shadow of the Steeple
SEI 11Ulster Genealogical Review - Familia Volume 2 No. 8
SEI 12Scots in Ulster - Surnames
SEI 13Glimpses into the Past (Memoir of an Irish Anglican)Roddy Evans
SEI 14Ulster Migration to New Zealand - Familia Volume 2 No. 5
SEI 15National Archives of Ireland - How to trace your family
SEI 16Surnames In IrelandRobert E. Matheson
SEI 17From Silent Glens to Noisy Streets - County Donegal (1983)Patrick Campbell
Social Environment - Papua New Guinea
SENG1The Papua AchievementLewis Lett
SENG2Papua New Guinea Records 1883-1942Peter Nagle
Social Environment - New Zealand
SENZ1Inheritors of a Dream - A Pictorial History of New Zealand
SENZ2New Zealand Family History Information
SENZ3The Founding Years of Rotorua - Events to 1900D.M. Stafford
SENZ4The British to the Antipode - Great Imigrations Volume 2Jill Kitson
SENZ5NZ Aspirations in the Pacific in the 19th CenturyAngus Ross
SENZ6Players Protesters & Politicians ( A History of the University of Canterbury)Students Association
SENZ7A History of the Wellington South Corps of the Salvation Army 1891-1991Cyril R. Bradwell
SENZ8Finns in New Zealand (From the Midnight Sun to the Long White Cloud)Olavi Koivukangas
Social Environment - Scotland
SES2Angus Surnames
SES3Ayreshire Surnames A-L
SES3aAyreshire Surnames M-Z
SES4Argyll Surnames
SES5Berwickshire Surnames
SES6Caithness Surnames
SES7Clackmannanshire Surnames
SES8Dumfriesshire, Kirkudbrightshire, Wigtownshire Surnames
SES9East Lothian Surnames
SES10Kingdom of Fife Surnames
SES11Kinnross Shire Surnames
SES12Lanarkshire Surnames
SES13Midlothian Surnames
SES14Peeblesshire Surnames
SES15Perthshire Surnames
SES16Renfrewshire Surnames
SES17Roxburghshire Surnames
SES18Selkirk Surnames
SES19Sterlingshire Surnames
SES20Sutherland Surnames
SES21The Orkney Islands Surnames
SES22West Lothian Surnames
SES23Scottish Clan & Family Names, Their Arms, Origins & TartansRodney Mantine
SES24Scotland - Speyside (Strathsprey)
SES25Parish Lists of Wigtownshire & Minnigaff 1684
SES26Tracing your Scottish AncestorsCecil Sinclair
SES27Tracing Scottish Local HistoryCecil Sinclair
SES28The Isle of Skye - ScotlandJ.Arthur Dixon's
SES29Your Clan Heritage - Clan BuchananAlan McNie
SES30Weaver's Cottage - KilbarchanNational Trust of Scotland
Social Environment - United States of America
SEU1Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (Abstracts of Early Wills 1763-1790)Brent H. Holcomb
SEU2Revolutionary Soldiers of Warren County, PennsylvaniaLucy M. Davis Cowan
SEU3A History of the United States (The Free & the Unfree)Peter N. Carroll/David W. Noble
SEU4The Turner Thesis (Concerning the Role of the Frontier in American History)George Rogers Taylor
Social Environment - Wales
SEWA1Wales, The Beloved CountryRhiannon Davies
Social Environment - World
SEW1American Geographical Society - Around the World Series - Volume 1
SEW2American Geographical Society - Around the World Series - Volume 2
SEW3European Country InnsKaren Brown
SEW4Europe Since NapoleonDavid Thomson
SEW5Encyclopedia of FeminismLisa Tuttle
SEW6Discovery - World's Great ExplorersReaders Digest
SEW7History of Rarotonga (Cook Islands) up to 1853Taira Rere
SEW8The Holy Roman EmpireFriedrich Heer
SPO1Football - The Australian WayJohn Craven
SPO2The Bumper Book of Cricket
SPO3The Rebels of Rugby 1907-1920Bob Power
SPO4It's Just Not Cricket!Ken Mayo
Videos - VHS + DVD Recordings
VID1History of Rathmines Airbase No 1. Condensed 55 minutes
VID2Australian Archives - Starting Your Search - Finding Records at the Australian Archives
VID3The Bay at War

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